Kylie Scott


Kylie Scott is currently Senior Leader at Adelaide North Special School. She is passionate about using data and evidence-based strategies to design inclusive individualised learning experiences for students with disabilities. Kylie has taught across the school, including in the Senior, Primary, Pathways, Junior Primary and R-12 units, and previously in schools in the Elizabeth and Barossa districts.

In her role as Senior Leader, Kylie is responsible for implementing departmental procedures to manage service provision at ANSS so that it contributes to improving students' access to and participation in education and achievement of agreed learning goals. Kylie leads our Communication Review to Improve Committee, a group of teachers who are dedicated to improving student access to Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems and building staff capacity to support students' communication development. Kylie applies line management processes to support staff in our Pathways, Middle Years, Small Class and Inclusive Classroom Units to implement rigorous teaching and learning programs for students with disabilities. 

Phone: (08) 8254 2625