Information Required for Student Absences

At any time our online form enables you to send the school a written notification that your child will be absent. If you are planning a family holiday during the school term, an online notification of absence is still required. If your child will be absent for 3 weeks or longer, an Exemption Form will be provided by the school for you to complete prior to the planned absence.

Emails are checked daily by administration staff so your notification will not be missed.

Please submit your absence form early!

There are many important reasons why the school needs to know the details of a student's absence. We are naturally concerned if a child has not attended class and we haven't received communication from their parents or caregivers.


It is highly likely that school staff will contact you (and/or the child’s parent/authorised guardian) by telephone to verify the email we receive is genuinely from an authorised person.

When submitting the form, it is mandatory that you include at least one telephone number by which you can be reliably contacted. Please also state the reason for and the duration of your child's absence on the form. Supporting documentation, if necessary, such as a medical certificate, can be supplied directly to your child's teacher upon their return to school.

Thank you for your cooperation and for informing us in advance!

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Please provide us with a detailed explanation of the reason for your child's absence.

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